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Omega effectively addresses each client’s security needs by thoroughly understanding their processes, threats and risks. Omega’s unique industry focus facilitates the integration of physical security, technological and skilled manpower elements into more effective, efficient and flexible solutions.

Omega’s advanced methodology addresses mining industry related risks through a comprehensive integrated service approach, which includes detailed risk surveys. Once the identified risk elements have been prioritised, they can be effectively mitigated through the creation of a multi-layered security solution. Omega is able to proactively reduce the level of risk encountered by its mining sector clients by employing an online intelligence system to identify crime trends or hotspots.

Omega also believes in sharing best practice in the mining environment, placing it at the forefront of security risk identification trends. This leads to the introduction of superior solutions to combat those risks. Omega’s success is measured in terms of client satisfaction, reduction in bottom-line losses, contract retention and feedback received. Each of these indicators consistently reflects its ongoing ability to develop and deliver tailormade products to address specific risks in the mining environment. The cornerstone of the Omega business model is building and nurturing long-term client relationships, which it sees as partnerships geared towards protecting its clients’ assets and helping ensure their long-term profitability.


The Omega multi-layered retail security offering is carefully designed to align and integrate all critical components (people, technology, processes, information and services) into proactive solutions. This synergy enhances the performance and sustainability of each individual component so that it can better support the exacting demands of the retail industry.

Omega’s success in providing retail security solutions can be attributed to its ability to adapt this integrated security approach to accommodate the unique challenges faced by the retailers from both internal and external threats – that is, shrinkage caused by staff theft and by shoplifters. Omega works closely with law enforcement agencies to identify patterns and trends, and develop crime prevention strategies to ensure the safety of retail customers and our clients’ stock.

Comprehensive security risk surveys addressing all potential risks provide insights and suggest targeted solutions, while Omega’s strategic competence in surveillance consists of identifying, intervening and preventing potential criminal activities by means of body language interpretation training, among other tactics.


We give specific attention to the services that we provide in the Diplomatic environment and by providing innovative and cost-effective security solutions which aligns and integrates each critical component (people, technology, processes, information and services) into a proactive solution that is based on a thorough understanding of each client’s requirements.


Due to the complexity of most manufacturing sites, Omega combines a variety of security solutions to keep your site safe.  We are able to meet the distinctive requirements of each client.  This can be seen in our achievements on behalf of our clients in the manufacturing industry.


Crime remains a major challenge for the construction industry.   Omega provides a reliable and hands-on security solution that is a vital part of your project.


Omega Risk Solutions niche market focus facilitates the integration of technology and skilled manpower into a dynamic solution which can more effectively and efficiently meet the security challenges faced by hotel security.